Benchum Inquiry
Benchum Inquiry comprises ad-hoc conferences, discussions, and advice on important issues at your request.
Tailored to your needs
For example, you might ask to evaluate:
cost comparisons between different IT platforms or investment alternatives.
your supplier bids against known market price levels.
long-term price projections for your budgeting plan.
best practices in your contract preparation and negotiation strategies.
your options in international IT sourcing.
Comprehensive in content
and scope
Of course, the above list is not exhaustive.
You could add to it any aspect in:
IT sourcing
IT procurement
IT life cycle management
IT investment
IT financing
IT accounting
IT charge back
IT asset management
Choose your
communication channel
You can contact us:
by email   or complete our inquiry form
by telephone   +49 (0) 60 66 96 96 90
or by fax          +49 (0) 60 66 96 97 34
  Benchum will provide you with advice by telephone, fax, and/or email
– as you wish.
Benchum Inquiry is part of our professional, professional group, and enterprise package.
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