Professional Group Package
With this comprehensive package a whole group or department can benefit from our services. Group members can create up to seven individual accounts using a registration key to get access to our online services. They will regularly receive up to three copies of our newsletter on their desks. Through our inquiry service, we work for up to three group members personally and individually. Moreover, the team can share market intelligence with the networked version of our software product Benchum Decision.
The professional group package provides the company with five products:
Benchum myData
Up to 7 user accounts for our online price service.
Benchum Analysis
Up to 7 user accounts for our online database of research notes.
Benchum Letter
Up to 3 copies of our newsletter, delivered by mail (10 issues yearly).
Benchum Inquiry
Access to our consultation service by telephone, fax, or email for up to 3 persons.
Benchum Decision
Network version of our decision support software including update service via Internet for one year.