Benchum Analysis
Benchum Analysis is a web-based database of research notes.
You find in-depth, practical oriented analysis on IT price trends and computer economics.
Analysis for business action
IT sourcing must have a broad perspective. It should be involved early in the development of new projects and organizational strategies. It should focus on what is best for the organization as a whole, rather than pleasing the IT engineering group. As a consequence, you must be well-informed and able to hold your own under pressure. For proper planning in a purchasing and sourcing context, you need a thorough understanding of current and future markets.
Benchum Analysis is a valuable resource for procurement professionals and anyone involved in IT investing and financing activities. Our research notes provide an insightful look at the competitive market to help you assess the changing industry environment.
Meeting your time constraints
The research notes include features such as Fast-Read and Checkpoints to meet your time constraints.
Fast-Read are paraphrases in brackets at the right side of each research note capturing the main ideas and connections from the original text. They condense the material and allow you to skim through our research. If you find a statement of interest, drill down directly into the main text for more information.
Checkpoints are text boxes at the end of each research note that contain our recommendations and opinions. What should you consider for decision-making? What are your checkpoints to get some immediate benefits?
Get up-to-date information
The research is continuously delivered throughout the year, keeping the knowledge base current and evolving. You can search, retrieve, download, and print the notes from our web-based delivery platform. Our powerful search capability allows you to enter your questions even in natural language. In addition, you find a short summary of the newest topics on the entry page What’s New”.
The downloaded files are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. This reader is available at no charge on the Adobe web site (
In brief, use our external expertise; let us help you to make fast and sound business decisions about your IT investments.
Benchum Analysis is part of all our service packages.