Our Research Methodology
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Each step of our research methodology mirrors a core element of our product offerings. This approach enables us to tie our research to the requirements of our customers.
Data collection is an essential part of our research process. Our databases, representing accurate and current observations, are the most important prerequisite for obtaining excellent research results. The statistics are drawn from numerous, public or confidential sources. Our team spends a large part of its time with the data collection and verification processes. Our objective is not to collect as much data as possible, but to provide accurate and reliable information on key indicators.
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Our research principles command an intimate knowledge of the market being evaluated and a careful selection of the methodology and tools. Through extensive data analysis, we attempt to identify the driving pricing mechanism and key industry metrics. Another strength of our research is the emphasis we put on building and maintaining strong consultative relations with our clients. Our analysis is always based on practical and observed data.
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Our clients are an important source of current terms and conditions. We are talking and communicating on a daily basis to a large number of customers around the world. Based on this broad input, we know what is happening in the market and what is currently needed. One aspect of Benchum is garnering the collective experience of members of our service. Of course, this strictly has to comply with our basic principle of confidentiality.
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A key component of developing an effective, proactive IT sourcing environment is accurate forecasting. Our forecasts are not simple guesses, but are based on practical data and cause-and-effect relationships. We have established a quantitative and qualitative framework under the brand Benchum Decision, that integrates a wide range of functions from statistics, financial modeling, and soft computing. It discovers the price pattern in historical data and extrapolates that sketch into the future. Our analysis, conclusions, and recommendations are scrutinized for consistency not with simple, error prone spreadsheet calculations, but with innovative technology.
After assessing all options, you need to make a decision. Our decision support software Benchum Decision facilitates making the right IT sourcing decision.
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