Our Guiding Principles
Our services are built on the belief that confidentiality, responsiveness, and independence ultimately result in higher value to our clients.
Our services are based on strict confidentiality. We commit to maintain confidentiality of all information that comes to Benchum Consulting. We never will disclose a clients’ name, sources of information, or references. In fact, we believe that strong confidentiality and privacy is crucial for the ongoing success of our service. The only way we can attract and keep you as a longstanding customer is to ensure your confidentiality. This commitment has the highest priority of our business and will always be met. The privacy of your company and personal information is protected at all times.

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Responsiveness is the ability to react quickly to meet customer's needs. We offer you real-time access to our web-based delivery platform Benchum myData and Benchum Analysis. We update market intelligence within a few business days of significant industry developments. A fast response time has an equally high priority in our inquiry process. In general, you can expect to recieve an answer to your inquiry within 24 hours. We have maximized the responsiveness of our service, the best way to improve its value and usability to our clients.
Vendor independence
We add substantial value to our services through our vendor independence. It enables us to provide independent and objective advice. We are totally unbiased and reject any association, sponsorship, or joint-venture with vendor organizations. Our team focuses exclusively on its analytical work. Its independent opinion may challenge your current viewpoint, causing you to revise your strategy, or perhaps confirm your beliefs, giving you more confidence to carry on as planned. This allows us to assist you making the best decision in IT sourcing.