Benchum myData
Benchum myData is a web-based price database. You have direct access to reliable price data in key IT markets. You can investigate online list prices, effective prices, update and upgrade prices, used market values, and residual values.
Get a grip on market ambiguity
Market transparency is incredibly important. Benchum myData is an information-rich online service about prices and costs in the IT business. We update and enlarge the database on a regular basis, since our goal is to serve as a reliable source of information about our industry. You find hyperlinks to all recent updates at a single glance on the entry page “What’s New”. Divided into easy-to-navigate sections, the entire application is equally uncomplicated to use. We value the time of our customers, and you will appreciate finding what you want quickly and effortlessly.
Groupware for your personal workplace
Benchum myData is more than just convenient access to our database. It is a personal workplace that can be completely customized according to your business needs. Each registered user has access to an exclusive user database section. Here we might provide you any specific information that we are not authorized to distribute broadly. Here you can also add your own data. For instance, you might enter prices projections and metrics from other consultants (or we might do this for you) to compare the input from different sources. Your user database is completely secure and separated from the central database. It is only shared with your colleagues in the same user group. The capabilities of our groupware conveniently improve the quality of communications between the team members.
Be well prepared for meetings
In addition, you can use Benchum myData for performing some basic analysis. For instance, you can compute price/performance ratios, price trends, and cost comparisons of your product categories. Track your favorite product categories and trends you are interested in. The built-in automation makes it easier to get information faster with less effort.
You can also publish your results and data tables by preparing a report in Adobe’s PDF format. Choose how you want the output reports to look. Add a heading and several paragraphs of introductory text and quickly download the file for printing and distributing. Anyone with the Adobe Acrobat viewer (available free from Adobe’s web site) will be able to see your outcome and zoom in on the details.
With Benchum myData performing a price or cost evaluation couldn't be easier.
Benchum myData is part of all our service packages.