Benchum Decision
Benchum Decision is a PC-based decision support software for analyzing and forecasting IT prices, costs, and budget requirements.
Do the work on your PC
Some of our core products such as Benchum myData are developed with advanced Internet technology. Entering information in browsers sifting through a series of pages, however, can be confusing. When connecting back to the server, you will often experience highly variable delays. Benchum Decision gets rid of all this weakness. Our Windows software on your desktop provides fast data retrieval and rich interactivity and functionality. It installs a copy of the Benchum myData database on your PC or network server which you can periodically update via Internet. It allows you to enter your own data, to forecast your budget requirements, and receive high quality graphics which can be direct input into your presentation slides.
Plan the years ahead
Investment in IT is a dominant part of the capital expenditure budget of many organizations. In making your IT investment and sourcing strategy work, planning is the first and foremost step because it lays the foundation for all succeeding management activities. Benchum Decision can facilitate the planning process by providing the numerical framework to your possible approaches. The integrated expert system offers effective, solid decision-rules for today’s complex environment and puts you in the proper picture for deciding in advance what needs to be done. Moreover, install Benchum Decision on your network server or your intranet web host server, and the entire team will share the same market intelligence.
Earn a bonus
With Benchum Decision you can customize and adjust the prices provided in our database according to your requirements. This is valuable knowledge as it is based on your expert’s judgment and experience. Share this market information and get a bonus. Benchum Decision provides you with the tools to send us the market data you entered automatically. You will be compensated for all information you share.
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Benchum Decision is part of our professional, professional group and enterprise package.

The network version is part of our professional group package. The web host version is part of our enterprise package.