Professional Package
This intermediate version is designed to meet all requirements of the professional involved in IT sourcing und computer economics. You have online access to all data, information, and features of our site and receive our newsletter regularly on your desk. Through our inquiry service, we work for you personally and individually. We tune in to your wishes and adjust to your requirements. In addition, let our software product Benchum Decision do the work for you.
The professional package provides the company with five products:
Benchum myData
Up to 2 user accounts for our online price service.
Benchum Analysis
Up to 2 user accounts for our online database of research notes.
Benchum Letter
1 copy of our newsletter, delivered by mail (10 issues yearly).
Benchum Inquiry
Access to our consultation service by telephone, fax, or email for 1 person.
Benchum Decision
Single-user version of our decision support software including update service via Internet for one year.