Benchum Inquiry
Benchum Inquiry comprises ad-hoc conferences, discussions, and advice on important issues at your request. For example, you might ask to evaluate supplier bids against known market price levels.
Unlimited consulting
Our customers get unlimited consulting with Benchum Inquiry. You can ask unlimited questions related to your own issues. If all your questions are not completely answered after an inquiry, your follow-up inquiries may drill down further giving a greater understanding of the issue. You can contact us by email, phone, fax, in person, etc. Benchum Inquiry is the place where you can have a discussion on all your subjects.
A confidential exchange
Your inquiries are treated confidentially – this means above all, without drawing attention of your competitors or the general public. In other words, the inquiries take place behind closed doors. Moreover, our answers are much more straightforward than in a public forum such as a conference. All inquiries are handled rapidly and thoughtfully in compliance with our guiding principles of confidentiality and responsiveness.
Get an expert on your side
Analyzing IT pricing, investing, and financing problems is our main job, and we do this on an ongoing basis. We stay routinely in touch with a large number of customers. The specific knowledge we have acquired could take months for you to develop. In fact, you do not have to spend a considerable amount of time and money doing something that has already been done. Why not benefit from our external expertise that will focus exclusively on your issues right through Benchum Inquiry?
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Benchum Inquiry is part of our professional, professional group, and enterprise package.