Company Background
Benchum Consulting was formed in 2002 by industry experts to develop numerous products and services that increase the productivity of IT sourcing and capital budgeting. Its founding team pioneered the concept of interactive IT sourcing services and software over a decade ago.
Innovative staff
Any company is only as strong as its team of people. With its depth of industry knowledge and analytic expertise, Benchum’s committed staff is passionate about researching and providing useful products and services to the customers. Its development team is positioned to deliver the innovative products and tools that are demanded by today’s companies. We strongly believe that one of the key factors in our success over the years is the depth of experience and commitment of our staff.
Experienced Management
Benchum is led by an experienced management team committed to the continuing success of the company and further development of its products. It competes with the highly branded businesses by practicing strong product quality, excellent and speedy customer service. The quality and efficiency of this effort reflects the strength and dedication of our management team and employees.
Please read the biographical profiles of the company’s management team.
Benchum’s corporate offices are located in Berlin, Germany.