Our Customers
Benchum enjoys a broad scope of members. Our service is of interest to every professional involved in IT economics. Our customers are specialists working in manifold industries such as banking, insurance, leasing, telecommunications, utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing and retail.
Global scope
Our exposure is international, as we track the global trends in North America and Western Europe. We also grasp relevant local trends in other parts of the world such as South America, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), South Africa, Middle East, Australia and India through our partner network. This allows us to offer our services to customers around the world.
Become a customer
Whether you have data centers or distributed computing environments, Benchum will provide value to all organizations with investment and business dependency on IT. Our services could be particularly vital if your business faces:
  • major cost cutting initiatives,
  • procurement of new applications,
  • mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures,
  • data center consolidation,
  • outsourcing.
Obviously, the list is not exhaustive. We assist you making better decisions in areas ranging from day-to-day purchasing details up to strategic planning in IT sourcing.
Test our services
We are proud of our ability to service some of the most well-known businesses worldwide. We are strongly committed to our guiding principle of confidentiality. Consequently we will rarely provide customer references or testimonials. Rather we invite you to review our product and services, and become our client, too.

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We value your opinion
We rely on customer feedback in order to provide the best service to all of our customers. Please tell us your opinions about our business - good or bad. We welcome your comments and suggestions to further improve our services, products, and operations. What would you like to see offered by our business in the future?
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