Benchum Decision
Benchum Decision is the perfect decision support software for everyone involved in IT sourcing and capital budgeting strategies. The flexibility, power, and ease of use of Benchum Decision provide you with everything you need to make the right IT investment decisions.
These are the main features of Benchum Decision:
Easy Analysis puts a multitude of analysis and charting tools at your fingertips, helping you to anticipate and take advantage of price and costs trends in the IT market.
Write-Back Database provides fast access to a multitude of prices and other data. Add your own data on the side with the write-back feature, which stores all your entries straight away in your local user database.
Integrated Expert System extends the analysis and database functionality with easy-to-use mini-applications. Exploit them to better plan your IT investment and purchasing strategy.
Instant Reports and Graphics present the results in both numerical and graphical form and offer a wide array of options for communicating your findings (such as direct PDF creation).
Automatic Update
gives you hassle-free data access for periodical downloads of new data and optional uploads of your user database via Internet, allowing you to constantly monitor prices and costs.
Our Bonus Program rewards contributing your market information to the knowledge base. Share your knowledge and take a bonus.
Benchum Decision is part of our professional, professional group, and enterprise package.
Benchum Decision is delivered on CD-ROM. Please order a free evaluation copy.