Our Service Packages
Different customers have different requirements. Our service packages are tailored to your specific and changing needs.  
We offer four types: basic, professional, professional group, and enterprise packages. The services are provided for a twelve month period.
Moderate prices
We provide professional, reasonably priced solutions. We sell our products at moderate prices because we ourselves have a strong commitment to control our costs. For example, we have computerized most of our research efforts through our pioneering software Benchum Decision, which increases significantly our productivity. We do not maintain a large sales department, but have automated most of our marketing activities and let the high quality and attractive price of our products sell themselves.
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Maximum customer choice
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File of our service packages (190 K)
The following depicts the different service packages. Their various components allow for maximum costumer choice at moderate prices.
 Basic  Professional  Professional Group Enterprise
myData  1 account  up to 2 accounts  up to 7 accounts  up to 17 accounts
Letter  1 copy  1 copy  up to 3 copies  up to 7 copies
Inquiry    1 user  up to 3 users  up to 7 users
Decision    single-user version  network version  web host version
Seminar       1 per year
Edition       2 copies
Learn more about the basic, professional, professional group, and enterprise package.