Benchum Seminar
Benchum Seminar is an in house workshop for you and your colleagues, which addresses specific key issues based on your individual agenda. It is a structured half- or one-day engagement tailored to help you reach your objectives.
Set your own agenda
Customize the content of the seminar to match your exact needs. If possible, send us the agenda prior to meeting. We know that preparation is just as important as the actual delivery of the event. We will stay strictly with the agenda to keep your meeting focused and on track. Yet, we remain flexible and encourage changes on spot if required. We generally use overhead slides and flip charts to adapt to your last minute changes in a flexible manner. Our workshops are routinely used to prepare and discuss significant decisions in IT sourcing and financing.
The entire team benefits
Communication is more efficient when the entire team receives the same information at the same time. You can spend less time gathering and evaluating information and more time acting on it. Our seminars are the most reasonable and cost-efficient way to update an entire team at once.
Optimize your time schedule
Choose the date and time that is convenient for you. In addition, the seminar’s agenda can include long breaks or a late start giving the team enough time to respond to phone calls, emails, and other daily business tasks. How much unproductive travel time and money does your company waste each year traveling to meetings across the city or around the world? We come to your site, saving you valuable travel time and costs as well.
Benchum Seminar is part of our enterprise package.