5 Good Reasons for Inquiries
Benchum Inquiry is the ideal supplement to our other products. It is specifically targeted to your particular questions and interests. Here are five reasons why you should use our inquiry service.
Benefit from external knowledge
You might need to get an external opinion for several reasons: Firstly, it is often recommendable not to rely only on internal people, especially if they have different opinions among themselves regarding the best way to solve a problem. Secondly, external experts are more likely to suggest a solution that you have not thought about. Finally, if you face time constraints and limited internal resources, it is also wise to consult with experienced professionals.
Get an expert on your side
When looking for an external expert, you need someone who has enough knowledge and experience to understand your issues. Analyzing IT pricing, investing, and financing problems is our main job, and we do this on an ongoing basis. We stay routinely in touch with a large number of customers. We are ready to talk with you all the time, and we will provide the kind of information that helps you to make fast and sound business decisions about your IT investments.
Get customized and “extra” information
Within Benchum Inquiry we provide targeted evaluations and reports for our customers. As an example, we perform calculations of investment alternatives for the business requirements of our clients. In addition, clients can get “extra information” through an inquiry. As an example, we might provide you additional information for those products that we are not authorized to distribute broadly or that are not covered from an analytical standpoint. If this information consists of price data, it will be stored in your exclusive user database. We dig up the information you need. The provided analysis reduces the lead time for your decision making.
Don’t miss a single point
Some clients prefer to have a discussion by telephone; some clients prefer to receive a written response. We can also send you a written summary of our conversation following an inquiry. We want to avoid people getting us wrong. Typically, we would email you a short report, which addresses your questions and provides the relevant links to our online applications Benchum myData and Benchum Analysis. You get the whole picture, and you can take your time over it.
Fast and discrete advice
The inquiries are handled rapidly and thoughtfully in compliance with our principles of responsiveness and confidentiality. We know the urgency of your business, and responding to your inquiries has the high priority in our daily work. You disclose as much information as you like. Our firm takes seriously its commitment to protect your business privacy. We honor the confidentiality of all practices, procedures, and information learned. Your inquiries are always welcome.
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